Research themes within the Engineering, Modelling and Simulation Group (EMSG)

Within the Engineering, Modelling and Simulation Group (EMSG), we focus on four interconnected research themes.

TRACE: Thermofluids Research and Applications for Clean Energy

Led by Dr Budi Chandra

The journey towards clean energy production and utilisation starts with responsible engineering that encompasses the initial design, optimisation, and operation throughout the lifecycle. TRACE seeks to apply our knowledge and expertise in modelling and experimentation to meet your requirements from fundamental research to on-demand solution. We have extensive record of accomplishments of research projects and consultation works in various fields from renewable energy, propulsion, aerodynamics, to space applications.

SMART: Smart Material and Engineering Structures

Led by Dr Arnaud Marmier


DRIVE: Digital Revolution Into Value-added Engineering

Led by Dr Shwe Soe

DRIVE ensures integrated approach to digital design and responsive manufacturing of smart and multi-functional products. Within DRIVE, we employ state of the art digital technologies integrating Additive Manufacturing (AM), Digital Twin (DT), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Internet of Things (IoT). Research into these emerging capabilities drive (or enable) digital revolution into High-Value Manufacturing and Value-added Engineering Processes.


ISAAC: Intelligent System And Adaptive Control

Led by Dr Pritesh Narayan

Engineering Modelling and Simulation (EMS) Group

This group brings academics and researchers together, to carry out high quality research in key engineering fields by applying modern and advanced modelling and simulation techniques.

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