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18 May

Dr Lizzie Lloyd, a Bristol-based art writer and researcher, is the latest member to join the Document and Location research group. Lloyd’s practice turns on the translation of encounters at the intersection of art, history and literature, into words. She interrogates how the matter of writing about/with/to art constitutes individuated responses that are moment and site-specific, alive to the landscape of particular images, words, audiences and situations. She likes to see what happens when writing about art bears witness to such coincidences of attention. Or when it is encouraged to enact critical and imaginative leaps of association, spurring subjectivities to make themselves felt through affective description, experimental rendering and serendipitous detour.

She has contributed widely to leading international art publications including Art Monthly, Art Review, Frieze and This is Tomorrow. Her writing has been commissioned by numerous organisations in the UK and Ireland, and she has been writer-in-residence at the Arnolfini, Bristol; Art Writers Group, Plymouth, and at the CCA, Brighton.

We are thrilled to welcome Lloyd as the latest member of Document and Location group following her recent Arts Council funded project developed in collaboration with Katy Beinart, Acts of Transfer, which documents and reactivates a selection of past artworks that all contain elements of social engagement or public participation. Learn more about Lizzie Lloyd’s research by exploring Acts of Transfer.


2 November

Document and Location member, Dr Mike Ricketts, and Dr Daniel Keech (Countryside and Community Research Institute, University of Gloucestershire) have been working together to explore the transgression of physical and social boundaries during severe floods experienced on the Somerset Levels and Moors in the consecutive winters of 2013 and 2014. Their latest research article The submersion and adaption of routines in the Somerset Levels and Moors has been published in the most recent edition of peer-reviewed journal, Landscape Research. In the article, Dr Ricketts and Dr Keech focus on the experience of these floods in the village of Muchelney and explore how the floods submerged the landscape’s physical geometry and disrupted mobility, but also presented new physical and social conduits.

29 October

Document and Location members, Jonathan Mosley and Sophie Warren, participated in a roundtable discussion, as part of Practising Radicality For A Sustainable Architecture, that explored a set of propositions and provocations of how we see, live together, and imagine alternative futures for a radical architecture for sustainability via Zoom on 29 October. Joined by Ana Betancour, Sonja Oliveira, Torsten Schröder and moderated by Ahn Jae Woo, the roundtable drew from multidisciplinary insights to stretch the possibilities of how we represent, create and dream an architecture that embodies and inhabits complexity and entanglement in all its guises. 

Organised by RAPS (Radical Architecture Practice for Sustainability) within An Atlas of Global and Local Imaginaries, a strand of the Korean Pavilion Future School Exhibition Programme for the 17th international Architecture Exhibition at la BIENNALE DI VENEZIA

30 August

Document and Location have been awarded research funding from the Faculty of Arts Creative Industries and Education at UWE Bristol for the fourth consecutive year. The funding award of £4,000 will support the Group’s ongoing publishing and public events programmes, as well as members academic publishing and contributions to national and international events.

26 March

The Document and Location research group is delighted to announce a new member, Huma Mulji, Senior Lecturer in Fine Arts. Mulji has an abiding interest in examining the specificity of place, the city, and its collective memory. Her anti-heroic works amplify a perpetual discomfort and scepticism from the perspective of both observer and participant, in the face of colonialism and capitalism. Critically exploring locale against a backdrop of economic globalisation, state and military power, the artist works across media, using photography, collage, drawing and sculptural installation. Mulji has exhibited widely internationally and in her native Pakistan including in Karachi Biennale; Pakistan, 2017; Venice Biennale, Italy, 2015; and 10th Gwangju Biennale, South Korea, 2014. She has won a number of prestigious awards including the Nigaah Award for photography in 2017 and the Abraaj Group Art Prize 2013.

We are thrilled to welcome Mulji and look forward to supporting the dissemination of her work and research. Mulji will subsequently draw on her active international networks to expand the possibilities for Document and Location to work with new partners beyond the UK, especially in South Asia and the Middle East. Learn more about Mulji’s practice by exploring her project, Dry Cleaners.


18 December

A newly commissioned text by David Campany on Aaron Schuman’s series SLANT, called Facts and other mysteries, has been announced. Written by acclaimed photography critic, David Campany, Managing Director of Programs at the International Center of Photography (New York), Facts and other mysteries sees Campany set out a series of discrete fragments that weave their way through reflections on the historical exploration of image to text relationships, the impact of photographic technology on writing, and the challenging partiality of truth. Facts and other mysteries can be read and downloaded for free via the Writings page.

2 November

SLANT (Election, Fall 2020) is a new edit of Aaron Schuman’s celebrated series and was created especially for How we live now, to be released as Americans go to the polls in what is anticipated to be the largest voter turn-out in over a century. Schuman’s online project is a sombre meditation on what will be, at the very least, a complex landmark in the history of American democracy. The exhibition was available to view online between 3 November-20 December 2020. How we live now has been made possible with funding from Arts Council England’s Emergency Response Fund. View SLANT (Election, Fall 2020) on the Foreground website.

28 September

We are delighted to announce More akin to that of an interloper, a newly commissioned text by Lizzie Lloyd on Sophie Hayes’ Storage series as part of the Document and Location programme. Lloyd’s text engages with the core ideas of Storage, a project by Sophie Hayes that explores the secret life and unintentional narratives of the non-public spaces of major museums across Europe. More akin to that of an interloper can be read and downloaded for free via the Writings page.

22 July

Dr Mike Ricketts has contributed a new essay to the recently published journal Iteration, edited by Robin Schuldenfrei and published by Routledge. In Ricketts’ essay, In and out of view: Reflections on The Vessel, he focuses on the shifting identity of a large grey accommodation barge that’s been reconfigured numerous times to enable it to fulfil different functions. In spite of these reconfigurations, Ricketts suggests that the barge unwittingly represents ‘a bleak parody of, even affront to, any notion of ‘design’. 
View further details about the journal Iteration.

10 March

Dr Mike Ricketts and Dr Dan Keech (CCRI, University of Gloucestershire) were invited contribute to the workshop “Transdisciplinary research on sustainability transition, climate adaptation and risk reduction” at Karstad University, Sweden, between 2-4 March 2020. Ricketts and Keech have been working together to explore the transgression of physical and social boundaries during severe floods experienced on the Somerset Levels and Moors in the consecutive winters of 2013 and 2014. The pair were invited to the workshop hosted by Professor Magareta Dalhström, Director of the Centre for Research on Region Building (CRS) at Karlstad University, Sweden. The workshop shared research in relation to sustainability transition and/or climate adaptation and risk reduction, and how this is carried out in a collaborative manner, for example in relation to research and ‘practice’, and collaboration between different partners in society.

20 January

Aaron Schuman’s photobook, SLANT, has been featured in a wide range of Best Photobooks of 2019, including The Guardian, Photobook Store and Internazionale. In his ‘Top 15 photography books of 2019’ for The Guardian, Sean O’Hagan writes ‘SLANT is a witty, deadpan meditation on small-town America that carries a darker undertow in the age of fake news, post-truth politics and alternative facts’, while Mark Power at Photobook Store described SLANT as a ‘glorious package of a book’.


24 November

Aaron Schuman presented at the Through the Years symposium, a collaboration between UWE Bristol's Visual Culture Research Group and Family Ties Networks

20 August

Document and Location Research Group are delighted to announce our new member, Lee Elkins, founder and Creative Director of The Lost Light Recordings, an independent publisher that works with photographers to realise projects through the medium of the photobook. Elkins has been appointed as Senior Lecturer in Photography at UWE Bristol. He will subsequently draw on his editorial rigour and expertise in publishing to expand Document and Location's public output through initiating the Group's first original photobook.

21 June

Re-Make/Re-Model is a commissioned text by Chris Fite-Wassilak on Dr Mike RickettsThe Vessel. Re-Make/Re-Model (PDF) had its inaugural release in Foreground’s File Notes series, an occasional series of commissioned writing that will critically engage with different areas of Foreground's programme. The first texts released will present new writing on Document and Location members’ work and be published on the Document and Location website and Foreground websites and available for free download.

22 May

Aaron Schuman, launched the Group’s 2019 programme of discursive events with a lecture on his latest project, SLANT, in the context of his wider practice as part of the Arnolfini and UWE Bristol’s Art in the City lecture series.

29 April

Document and Location member, Dr Mike Ricketts, presented new research alongside Dr Daniel Keech (University of Gloucestershire) at the eighth Nordic Geographers’ Meeting (NGM), Trondheim, Norway. Titled 'Sustainable Geography – Geographies of Sustainability', the eighth NGM engaged with ideas of sustainability within geographical scholarship, the politics of sustainability beyond the academy and the shifting discipline of geography itself. Read further details of the 8th Nordic Geographers Meeting.

1 April

We are delighted to announce that MACK Books published Document and Location member Aaron Schuman’s latest project, SLANT. In SLANT, Schuman interweaves a selection of bizarre newspaper clippings detailing succinct and extraordinarily anticlimactic accounts of crimes, suspicious activities, events and non-events reported in Amherst, Massachusetts published between 2014-2018, with quietly wry photographs he made within a thirty-mile radius of Amherst from 2016 to 2018, in response to their unintentionally deadpan descriptions.

14 March

We are happy to announce that the Document and Location Research Group has been awarded research funding from the Faculty of Arts, Creative Industries and Education at UWE Bristol. Aimed at developing innovative methods of research and generating cross-disciplinary academic and practice-led collaboration, the Faculty’s Research Group funding has funded the establishment of the new group, a dedicated website and Document and Location’s 2019 programme of events.

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