About the Document and Location Research Group

Our aims

Document and Location, conceived of and convened by Simon Morrissey, Senior Lecturer in Fine Art at UWE Bristol and Director of Foreground, is a research group developed by academics at UWE Bristol working across multiple disciplines.

Document and Location provides a structure through which its members as both academics and practitioners can intervene critically in recent discourses around place and space that have been prevalent across Architecture, Fine Art, Geography, and Photography.

Positing that location is not only defined physically and that document cannot be understood simply as record, Document and Location investigates how our understanding of place is directly formed through how locations are recorded and subsequently narrated by different disciplines. The group will utilise practice-led research to re-animate and re-contextualise the document and to explore specific locations, the way in which these locations are communicated and consequently how the identity of place is created through its representation.

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