Project details

Full project title: Walking Environments and Experiences (WalkEE) 
(Mobile digital technology as a tool to study walkability to advance theory, policy, and practice of walking for transport)   

Sponsor: Volvo Research and Education Foundation (VREF)

Principal Investigator: Dr Tamara Bozovic


  • Auckland University of Technology
  • National University of San Martin
  • Go Jauntly Ltd
  • Tranquil City Ltd

Start date: 15 January 2023

End date: 30 June 2024

Project summary

While walking is the most fundamental, carbon-neutral, and healthy way of getting around, it tends to be overlooked as a mode of transport and surprisingly little is known about the ways in which environments might influence walking experiences and behaviours (such as for instance choosing or not to walk to a nearby destination). Without this evidence and understanding, difficult to imagine evidence-based retrofit for more walkable urban environments.

The project Walking Environments and Experiences (WalkEE) is an international pilot involving three universities on three continents (UWE Bristol, Auckland University of Technology, the University of Auckland and the National University of San Martin). WalkEE investigated the associations between objective features and perceptions in three very different locations: Bristol, Auckland, and Buenos Aires, using an innovative walking app (Go Jauntly). The project had a particular focus on the green environment and noise, environmental characteristics notoriously complex in their associations with walking experiences. 

The pilot used machine learning to test how a range of environmental variables, both qualitative and quantitative, might associate with people’s walking experiences. Participants’ qualitative inputs were also examined. The findings were tested with professionals, advocates, and decision-makers in the three cities.

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Written outputs

  • Technical report distributed to professionals, advocates, and decision-makers involved
  • Blog
  • Manuscript (in preparation)