The Centre for Research in Biosciences (CRIB) at UWE Bristol is a dynamic hub of scientific exploration dedicated to advancing our understanding of the living world for the benefit of society.

Situated at the forefront of modern bioscience research, this Centre brings together a diverse community of scholars, scientists, and students, all driven by a shared passion for unravelling the mysteries of life. With a multidisciplinary approach, the Centre tackles a wide array of topics, from molecular genetics to ecological systems, and applies this knowledge to address pressing global challenges such as sustainable agriculture, healthcare innovations, and environmental conservation. By fostering collaboration and innovation, CRIB is instrumental in shaping the future of bioscience and its profound impact on society.

The Centre has a broad bioscience research remit which is reflected in its four major thematic research clusters:

  • Human Health and Disease
  • Biosensing, Analytical and Forensics
  • Environment, Ecology and Conservation
  • Agri Food and Water
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