The Air Quality Management Resource Centre (AQMRC) UK projects cover a broad range of research areas and applications relating to air quality and carbon management. The AQMRC has been involved in the development and subsequent revision of UK Local Air Quality Management Guidance as well as national (non-statutory) guidance on Air Quality Action Planning, Air Quality Management Area designation and Air Quality Assessments for Development Control.

UK research projects

Air quality review and assessment procedure

Assessment of the UK local authority's air quality review and assessment procedure for the UK government.

Appraisal of GLA planning

An expert review of the initially submitted assessments in order to identify which developments have significant air quality risks associated with them.

Domestic energy behaviours

Develop an assessment of flexibility of domestic energy practices, and ‘ease of adoption’ of a range of specific behaviours.

Evaluation of ECO Stars Fleet Recognition Programme

Review the progress and achievements of the scheme to date, obtain a critique of the scheme from the scheme members (fleet operators) and various other stakeholders, and to provide recommendations for the future development of the scheme.

Quantitative and qualitative assessment of the South Yorkshire ECO Stars Fleet Recognition Scheme

AQMRC was commissioned to develop a toolkit that will allow scheme members and ECO Stars managers to determine the quantitative and qualitative benefits of the scheme.


AQMRC was commissioned by Gatwick Airport Ltd to provide a technical review on the soundness of the UK Government’s Draft and Final AQP.

Heating controls - DBEIS

A review of the international evidence and policy experiences on household heating controls for the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (DBEIS), UK Government.

An independent review of monitoring measures undertaken in Neath Port Talbot in respect of particulate matter (PM10)

A review of all air quality documents relating to air quality in Port Talbot and an analysis of all available air quality and meteorological data for Port Talbot.

Independent peer review of the Port Talbot PM10 data teamwork programme

An assessment of the progress and scientific robustness of measures.

An economic analysis of the cost effectiveness of local authority activities to reduce exposure to air pollution from road traffic

Economic research designed to help UK local authorities develop action plans on air quality, as well as supporting local authority staff working in the public health, transport and planning sectors.


The aim of the project is to make current and future health impacts a priority for strategic decision-makers in urban development planning.

Air Quality Management Resource Centre (AQMRC)

The AQMRC is widely recognised by air quality and carbon management practitioners, nationally and internationally as a leading provider of information, advice, research and consultancy.

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