An economic analysis of the cost effectiveness of local authority activities to reduce exposure to air pollution from road traffic

Project details

Funding body: National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)

Collaborator: Eunomia

Dates: December 2015 - September 2017

Project summary

Environmental consultancy Eunomia was appointed by NICE to work jointly with AQMRC, UWE Bristol to conduct economic research designed to help UK local authorities develop action plans on air quality, as well as supporting local authority staff working in the public health, transport and planning sectors.

The new research analyses the cost effectiveness of interventions used to tackle health problems created by pollution from road transport. The project team analysed six different categories of intervention, including planning, urban space and building design, public transport routes and services, infrastructure routes, traffic management and advice/warnings.

NICE research aims to determine the effectiveness of measures local authorities have available to them. It forms part of its guidance on 'Air pollution - outdoor air quality and health', a wider consultation which will offer practical guidance to local authorities so they can achieve statutory limits on air pollution and in the process improve public health.

As part of its work, NICE commissioned this study to consider the cost-effectiveness of these interventions. The work will therefore help ensure that local action is cost-effectively targeted at achieving the greatest gains for public health in the shortest possible time.

"The project will be boosted with expert input from the Air Quality Management Resource Centre at UWE Bristol, which has a long history of working with local and national governments on air quality management."

Dr Dominic Hogg, Eunomia Chairman

Dr Dominic Hogg Eunomia Chairman

Please email Dr Jo Barnes at for more details.

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