An independent review of monitoring measures undertaken in Neath Port Talbot in respect of particulate matter (PM10)

Project details

Funding Bodies: Welsh Government

Dates: 2008-2009

Project summary

AQMRC was appointed by the Welsh Government to undertake an extensive air quality monitoring data analysis (in parallel with meteorological and topographical data considerations) in the vicinity of a 27 km2 steelworks site in Neath Port Talbot (South Wales) with neighbouring sensitive receptors and other sources such as road and rail transport, natural sources and smaller industries

This project provided an ideal opportunity for AQMRC to showcase their skills in liaising and communicating with multiple and varied stakeholders (often with differing agendas) while critically reviewing air quality documents and managing, analysing and interpreting substantial datasets.

The result was a collection of independent documents which presented this extensive data in a logical format to assist various stakeholders and interested parties in the comprehension of a complex subject.

The project contained two key pieces of work, including a review of all air quality documents relating to air quality in Port Talbot and an analysis of all available air quality and meteorological data for Port Talbot.

Due to the extensive datasets available, including >10 years of monitoring data for a number of sites and including PM10, PM2.5, CO, NO2, O3 and SO2, it was decided that Openair /R would provide an ideal environment in which to manage and analyse the data – this included spatial analysis, temporal analysis and an analysis of exceedence days and hours 50µg/m3. The final reports can be downloaded from the Welsh Government website.

Please email Professor Enda Hayes at for more details.

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