Expertise at AQMRC

Read about the three areas of expertise of the AQMRC.

With over 60 years collective experience, the portfolio of AQMRC projects spans the breadth of skills necessary for successful air quality and carbon management.

With the scope to provide support on everything from the technical aspects of emissions assessment through to consultation, stakeholder engagement and policy development, the AQMRC team is well aware of the needs for scientific evidence to be not just robust, but suitably targeted at meeting the requirements of policy and regulation.

Areas of expertise

The expertise and experience of the AQMRC team falls primarily into three categories:

Policy and legislative advice and guidance

  • Development of air quality and carbon management technical and policy guidance
  • Support in the development, review or interpretation of local, national, EU and international policies and legislation.

Technical support and implementation

  • Air quality monitoring
  • Detailed spatial and temporal air quality and carbon emissions inventories
  • Comprehensive atmospheric dispersion modelling
  • Data management and statistical analysis
  • Air quality and carbon reporting including mitigation and adaptation.

Communication and stakeholder dialogue

  • Stakeholder and public engagement
  • Information dissemination
  • Capacity enhancement
  • 'Behaviour Change' strategies
  • Training and Continuing Professional Development.

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