Below are answers to our frequently asked questions. If you need further information, please contact us.

I have a visible difference/disfigurement which I am finding upsetting - can you help me please?

We're unable to provide direct advice and support. However, Changing Faces can help you with any concerns about disfigurement and disfiguring conditions of any origin. See our sources of support for details of more support groups.

How can I find out more about the appearance aspects of a particular condition (eg burns or cleft)?

Visit our publications page to find out more about disfigurement and appearance.

Contact our researchers for further information about a particular area and for information on our current research into particular topics.

Are there any seminars or conferences that I can attend?

View our events page and Appearance Matters conference for health care professionals and researchers working in the areas of appearance and disfigurement.

I am studying psychological aspects of appearance. How can I find information for my studies?

View our publications to find relevant information for your studies. Some of the articles are available directly from the website.

I work for a news company and we are planning a piece on appearance and disfigurement. Can you help us?

View our media resources and contact UWE Bristol's Media Relations team, who will put you in touch with the relevant person.

Are there any research posts currently available in the Centre for Appearance Research?

Our research jobs and studentship posts are advertised via the UWE Bristol website and/or

How is CAR addressing issues of diversity and inclusion?

Our CAR Diversity, Inclusion and Equality group (CARDIE) works to ensure research and research environments are equitable and inclusive. Read more about the work we do at CARDIE.

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