Sustainability and climate change resilience

The challenges of global warming, finite resources and shrinking biodiversity could not be clearer – the future of the planet and our world is at stake and we won’t get a second chance. Net-zero carbon buildings, sustainable mobility, green agriculture, emissions and air quality are just some of the critical issues we are tackling.

Our research strengths include:

  • transforming construction, infrastructure and design
  • food security, water management and air quality
  • future mobility, connectivity and place.
Render showing lush grass and parched ground
A flood sign with a fire engine behind.

Flood management

Households, insurance companies, construction professionals and businesses have been encouraged to do more to tackle flood risks, thanks to UWE Bristol.

Water treatment system being tested on Frenchay Campus pond.

Water safety

Innovative methods for improving the quality and health of water, food and people.

Fishing boats shown from a distance in a coastal harbour.

Protecting the marine environment

Investigations led by our experts in marine and fisheries law have played a critical role in establishing proper legal practices and lobbying for greater safeguards.

Traffic jams in the city.

Air quality

We are working with policymakers and community groups across Europe, putting people at the heart of environmental change, to facilitate lasting change to the world’s air pollution crisis.

Cyclist commuter wearing a pollution-mask in Central London, while commuting to work in the morning.


Our experts in transport policy are working internationally to bridge the gaps in cycling infrastructure to bring the many advantages of cycling to our cities.

Pee power urinals at Glastonbury festival.

Pee Power

Sustainable technology is helping to resolve sanitation and safety issues for thousands of people at schools, humanitarian projects and music festivals.

Fields in Laos


A collaborative approach to maximise the support available to farmers in Laos has significantly bolstered the national economy and the individual income of hundreds of households.

Yellow foliage photographed against a blue sky.


New methods for predicting uptake of radioactivity by plants are transforming how the environmental impact of nuclear activity is managed.

Terraced housing in Bristol

Shaping sustainable suburbs

A research team at UWE Bristol have taken an in-depth look at the risks suburbs face, joining forces with residents to test ideas and create change.

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