Digital futures

Digital is everywhere, digital touches everything we think or do. Digital technologies will reshape and recode our lives. Here at UWE Bristol we’re exploring everything from big data and machine learning to cyber security, from digital ethics to deep fakes and beyond. Transforming lives and the world we live in.

Our research strengths include:

  • robotics, artificial intelligence and advanced engineering
  • industrial digitalisation, high-value design and next generation services
  • future mobile communications, ubiquitous computing, data science and cybersecurity.
Line drawing of the planet representing global network connection.
Some colourful robots.

Responsible robots

From helping to build public trust in Artificial Intelligence (AI), to ensuring ethics are factored into the digital health technologies of the future, UWE Bristol is leading the charge for ethical robots.

A man conducting research to do with the Hadron Collider.

Tracing data in science and commerce

Businesses across Europe have been able to improve how they work, save on costs and increase revenue by using innovative computer software designed by UWE Bristol.

A driverless car in a dock.

Autonomous vehicles

UWE Bristol experts are taking a crucial role with driverless cars and how they interact with other road users including buses, cyclists and pedestrians.

Person using a programme on a computer.

Confidential data

UWE Bristol research has led to changes in public data sharing laws around the world after proving that a risk-averse approach was ineffective.

People walking on a street with data layered over the top.

Safeguarding public data

Fresh insights into Artificial Intelligence, are transforming the way confidential data is processed and publicised by UK government and statistical bodies.

Cropped shot of a young computer programmer looking through data.

Cyber crime

We are helping authorities worldwide to tackle the ever-evolving problem of financial crime. Drawing on our expertise, we are turning the tables on fraudsters by empowering police forces to intervene.

Aerial view of crowd connected by lines

Digital ethics

We are working to preserve creative freedom after the democratisation of machine learning has opened up a world of possibilities, and ethical conundrums, for the film and TV industry.

Person walking through a virtual reality wireframe

Transport systems fit for the digital age

We are helping to ensure that transport policymaking is more robust in addressing changing patterns of travel behaviour.

Prosthetic legs

Improving the design of prosthetic legs

Helping to develop a more comfortable prosthetic socket for Paralympics hopeful Tania Goddard, part of Team GB.

Measuring solid objects

Measuring solid objects automatically

Innovative techniques developed at UWE Bristol for measuring the dimensions of difficult solid objects automatically are now being used commercially.

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