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Fantastic facilities for Business Management, Accounting and Finance, Economics and Marketing students in our Bristol Business School. Inside, you’ll find shared social and learning spaces - designed for collaboration between business, staff and students. It’s also home to the Bloomberg city trading room. Great for putting your new skills to the test.

Built for business

The result of a £55 million vision, the Bristol Business School building is the largest on Frenchay Campus. Take a tour of the building and find out more.

Bristol Business School building

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Bloomberg trading room

Ready to step up to the trading floor? You will be, after honing your skills in our Bloomberg trading room. This Bristol Business School facility is a built around the Bloomberg Professional service, and lets you get hands-on with the  same system used by large city investment banks.

The gateway to global financial data

Get a commanding view of the global financial data, news and information. You can access to the same information platform used by leading business, financial and government decision makers and media professionals around the globe. Key features include:

  • News - The Bloomberg Professional service gives access to news stories as they break. Follow and interpret the market-moving events that professional traders and money managers rely on to stay informed.
  • Analytics - Using Bloomberg’s service, you can perform historical market analysis, compare different investment strategies, evaluate complex financial instruments, and analyse specific companies and industries.
  • Data - The Bloomberg Excel add-in gives you simple (but powerful) one-click data export features that leverage real-time and historical data within the Bloomberg Professional service. You'll be able to monitor, manipulate and analyse data to create the same types of models that financial professionals rely on to make real-world business decisions.

Good to know: you'll be one of a tiny proportion of business graduates who are ready to begin their careers already proficient using this powerful financial tool.

Modern learning

The Bloomberg Professional service, Bloomberg’s core offering, is a software platform that provides trusted real-time and historical data, market moving news and analytics to help business and financial professionals make better informed investment decisions. The service also features execution platforms for every asset class, research and a global network to communicate securely and reliably.

The Bloomberg Professional service enables students to become familiar with tools used in financial services, thereby reinforcing classroom theory, while professors can use it to further their own research.

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Audit simulation

The UWE Bristol Audit Simulation is an interactive and immersive experience to help you grasp the different aspects of financial auditing by going through processes similar to real-life auditors.

You'll play the part of auditors looking into the procedures and financial documents of a business called Sheridan AV. The virtual audit team manager will provide realistic tasks, documents and other resources at appropriate points in the simulation. You'll work through a rich set of web-based audio visual and documentary evidence such as interviews and presentations.

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