Placement dates

Physiotherapy placement dates for all cohorts.

All placements can be in any speciality or setting despite being linked to a specific academic module.

Dates for re-sit/delayed placements are subject to availability (e.g. a similar speciality), so dates can only be confirmed nearer the time and may not be during the period stated.

  • Monday 31 October to Friday 2 December 2022: Placement 1 (first year/cohort 2022)
  • Monday 8 May to Friday 16 June 2023: Placement 2a (second year/cohort 2022)
  • Monday 14 August to Friday 22 September 2023: Placement 2b (second year/cohort 2022)

Practice documentation

Documentation is regularly updated throughout the year so please use the documents below rather than printing or saving copies in student folders that may be out of date.

The fully completed PDF copy of the Common Placement Assessment Form (CPAF) should be emailed by the educator to the student by the last day of placement following their final appraisal. Students are required to submit them electronically via the UWE student intranet (Blackboard) by the specified deadline.

If the educator is not able to add their electronic signature to the CPAF for any reason, a copy should be emailed to Kate ( by the educator as verification.

It is advisable for both the educator and the student to keep a copy for their records.

If for any reason you are unable to attend your practice placement, please call +44 (0)117 32 83283 and leave your name, student number and placement location. We will not return your call, but your absence will be recorded. Don’t forget that it is your responsibility to call your practice placement/educator direct to advise them of your absence.


Programme information

Educator training and support

  • Practice educator VIRTUAL drop-in sessions (no booking needed, just click on the link to access):

    • For placement 1 starting on 31 October 2022: Dates and online training links TBC
    • For placement 2a starting on 8 May 2023: Dates and online training links TBC
    • For placement 2b starting on 14 August 2023: Dates and online training links TBC

The sessions are for educators to access if they have any last minute questions or need support ahead of the next placement if they are having students. The ones ahead of the first and second year placements are longer (1 hour), to allow more time for any questions related to the CSP Common Placement Assessment Form (CPAF), that we will be using for all first and second year placements this year (cohorts 2021 and 2020).

For all enquiries about educator training sessions, please email

Also see information about the Practice Learning and Student Support professional course and find out more about supporting, supervising and assessing students in practice.

Additional information for supporting students

External resources

The following additional resources are available on the CSP website:

  • Clinical education placement guidelines (2003)
  • Supporting students on placement with a disability
  • Students in a community placement and lone working
  • Code of Conduct for Chartered Physiotherapists
  • Guidance on Health and Good Character
  • Guidance on Conduct and Ethics
  • Information, support and guidance on Practice Education

Programme support

If you have any queries or questions about the Applied Physiotherapy Degree Apprenticeship programme or require support, please contact a member of the programme team.

Programme team

Placement Coordinator

Julie Halligan 

Programme Leader

Anna Gould

Placements team

Timothy Porter

Harriet Jones

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