The School of Architecture and Environment has an innovative and highly collaborative group of academics and researchers dedicated to a high level of scholarship.

Staff by area

School executives


Building and Construction Management

Environmental Performance

  • Patrick O'Flynn, Associate Director – Environmental Performance
  • Dr Deborah Adkins, Wallscourt Fellow – Sustainable Buildlings
  • Dr Mark Ansah, Senior Lecturer – Building Services Engineering
  • Giles Boon, Senior Lecturer – Architecture Technology
  • Louise Ciotti, Senior Lecturer – Architectural Design of Commercial Buildings
  • Clare Davidson, Programme Leader – BSc Architecture Technology and Design
  • Danny Elvidge, Senior Lecturer – Building Physics and Services
  • Owen Gray, Graduate Tutor – Building Performance
  • Simon Ho, Programme Leader – BEng Building Services Engineering
  • Dr Karl Hutchinson, Programme Leader – BEng Architectural and Environmental Engineering
  • Dr Alice Moncaster, Professor – Digital and Sustainable Construction
  • David Noble, Programme Leader – BSc Architecture Technology and Design
  • Chris Puttick, Programme Leader – BEng Architectural and Environmental Engineering
  • Dr Francisco Sierra, Programme Leader – MSc Facades Engineering



Human and Physical Geography

Planning and Sustainable Change

Digital Construction




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