Coronavirus information for placements

Trainee teachers

As a trainee teacher, you need to ensure that you follow the protocols that your school has in place for mitigating the spread of the coronavirus. As the government eases restrictions, schools have more autonomy over the decisions they make, therefore, it is imperative that you understand the expectations of your placement school before you attend. In our previous messages we emphasised the importance of looking after your own wellbeing and those of your loved ones - please do continue to look out for your colleagues in schools and each other as schools recover from the impact of lockdowns and remote learning.

Sandwich and short-term placements

UWE Bristol is committed to supporting our students to access placements and other work opportunities where safe to do so during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

The UK Government have provided guidance relevant to each stage of the roadmap out of lockdown to help employers and employees work safely, including information on any restrictions applying to certain businesses and venues.

Whenever the national, regional or business specific government advice is updated, you should expect to have further discussions with your employer on what this will mean for you and your role.

You should continue to follow the advice of your employer and discuss any concerns that you might have with them in the first instance. You should think carefully about your individual circumstances and how you and your employer will manage the risks that you might encounter. Please ensure that you're comfortable with the level of risk, the training and support that you're given and highlight any ongoing concerns to UWE Bristol's Placement team.

For any queries, concerns or change in your circumstances you can make a telephone appointment to discuss your placement or contact us at

If you are unwell, need to self-isolate, are showing symptoms or have been in contact with anyone who has recently tested positive for COVID-19, then please ensure that you are up to date on both your organisations policies and the latest UWE Bristol coronavirus guidance for students and applicants.

If you have concerns about the financial impact that any change in circumstances will have on you please contact the Student Money Service at for further advice.

In addition to the safety precautions your employer will have in place, it is crucial that you continue to look after yourself both mentally and physically. As restrictions are lifted you are likely to experience a period of adjustment so make sure you talk to your employer if you're finding the situation challenging or if you're finding the work is having a negative impact on your health and wellbeing. Employers have a moral and statutory duty of care to protect their employee's health and safety and provide a safe environment to work in. You can also access UWE Bristol's Health and Wellbeing services throughout your time on placement, which includes both remote and online support.


It may become compulsory for students who have placements in health care, social work and education settings to be double vaccinated against coronavirus before going on placement. To avoid any delay to starting your placement, please arrange to have both your vaccinations as soon as possible. You don’t need to have both doses at the same venue, though they should be at least eight weeks apart.

There are walk-in clinics across the UK, many opening early and closing late. Find a walk-in clinic near you.

Please let our placement team know if you are unable to access a clinic or cannot be vaccinated for health reasons.

EU and overseas students: If you’re travelling from abroad to study with us and aren’t able to be vaccinated where you’re currently living, there will be opportunities for you to have the vaccine when you arrive.