Library service interruptions

Information on library maintenance that may cause disruption for users.

Migration of Dawsonera e-book titles

Due to the e-book supplier Dawsonera recently going into liquidation, our access to titles on this platform was terminated on 31 July. We have been working on migrating all e-book content previously accessed via Dawsonera to an alternative supplier, VLEBooks. This has involved replacing all links to these titles within our library catalogue to ensure continued access for all our users, and updating links on module reading lists.

As a result of the termination of the Dawsonera platform, users will need to navigate to previous Dawsonera items either by:

  • carrying out a new library search for the item, or
  • searching within the VLeBook platform for the title directly.
  • Bookmarks, old reading list links, or saved links to titles on the old Dawsonera platform will no longer work.

This migration process is now largely complete, but if you do come across an old Dawsonera link after searching for a title on library search, please get in touch with us via our 24/7 live chat service or email, so that we can resolve the issue and provide you with a new link to the title within VLEBooks.

Database service interruptions

Please see our database service interruptions page for more details.