Your Subject Librarian

Information on subject-specific Librarians.

How they can help

Your Subject Librarians can:

  • provide specialist help if you need it
  • run workshops and tutorials to help you find and access information
  • advise on resources relevant to your subject
  • liaise with students and faculty staff to ensure that the library resources and services meet your needs.

Contact your Subject Librarian

Use our online enquiry form to get in touch with your Subject Librarian.

If you are an academic staff member, you'll find more information about our services on the staff intranet: Library Services on the staff intranet.

Subject Librarians

Faculty of Arts, Creative Industries and Education

Animation, Filmmaking, Virtual Reality

Ludovik Sebire (Faculty Librarian)

Curation, Fashion, Illustration, Printmaking

Sarah Clifford

Design, Drawing and Print, Filmmaking, Fine Art, Interior Design

Brett Moodie

Drama, Interior Design, Wildlife Filmmaking

Morwenna Peters

Education, History, ACI Foundation

Ellen Reed

Graphic Arts, Graphic Design, Journalism, Media Production, Photography

Jackie King

ITE Primary and Education Resources Collection (ERC)

Julie Crawley

Creative and Professional Writing, Early Childhood, English Literature, Film Studies

Stella Rogers

English Language and Linguistics, Media Communication

Sophie Stringfellow

Faculty of Business and Law

  • Julie Hamley (Faculty Librarian - job share)
  • Sue Shreeve (Faculty Librarian - job share)
  • Katie Bleathman
  • Katie Cox
  • Catherine Hartley
  • Steve Hunt
  • Kelly Whittard

Faculty of Environment and Technology

  • Emma Delaney (Faculty Librarian)
  • Abi Ward
  • Amy Jackson
  • Annabel Mountford
  • Natalie Everett
  • Tom Edge
  • Tom Woodman

Faculty of Health and Applied Sciences

Adult Nursing

Caroline Plaice (Faculty Librarian)

Adult nursing and Mental health nursing (Alexandra Warehouse)

Wendy Parry

Biological, biomedical and analytical sciences, Learning disabilities nursing

Philip O'Shaughnessy

Criminology and Sociology; Environmental health; Psychology and Police apprenticeship

Hannah Poore

Adult nursing

Tasha Cooper

Mental health nursing and Adult nursing

Claire Holmes

Politics and international relations; Philosophy

Dave Hewish


Jon Lloyd

Public health, Physiotherapy, Sport rehabilitation, Paramedic science

Pauline Shaw

Radiotherapy and oncology, Optometry, Diagnostic radiography, Nuclear medicine, Physician associate studies and Ultrasound

Chris Jarrett

Social work, Occupational therapy, Music therapy, and Child nursing

Emily Wade