Discover your student self

Preparatory work for the 'stories' session.

Who do you want to be at UWE Bristol? For many of you this will be your first taste of independence – you'll have a new city to explore and people to meet. But this new-found independence can bring some pitfalls, so knowing who you want to be will help you figure out your own balance.

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1. Watch the film

2. Take a moment to think: Who do you want to be?

Do you want to be liked? Respected? Rich? Fulfilled? What does your life after your studies look like? How does your time at UWE Bristol get you there?

Take the time to think about your own motivations and expectations. Over the coming years, there will be many opportunities to make choices that will impact on your future. And by understanding yourself, you'll be able to make the choice that gets you to being the person you want to be. 

3. Ask yourself:

  • What will you have achieved by the time you finish university? Talk this through with someone you trust and respect. Write down your five goals.
  • What are you looking forward to at university? Talk this through with someone you trust and respect. Write down five things you want to do.
  • What concerns you about university? Talk this through with someone you trust and respect. Write down five things that you're not sure of. Make some plans about how you're going to manage these worries.

4. Let's Talk About... Discovering your student self

Simon, Miles and Mo talk about how important it is to understand what type of student you want to be and the importance of setting realistic expectations of yourself.


  • Simon Phillips, Deputy Director Student and Academic Services
  • Mubarak Mohamud (known as Mo), Lecturer, Bristol Business School
  • Miles Thompson, Lecturer, Department Of Psychology

Listen on: iTunes | Spotify | SoundCloud

Can't listen? The transcript is available.

5. Stories

In your programme session, you’ll talk about Stories.

Stories can be used in many different ways: Your time at UWE Bristol will also be a significant part or your own life story: changes you make, surprises you encounter, challenges and victories.

Stories things to do:

  1. Find out more about the The Students’ Union at UWE and what it offers.
  2. Look at volunteering opportunities on Infohub.
  3. Find a sport or activity you’d like to get involved in.
  4. Interested in music? See what the Centre for Music offers.
  5. If you’re moving into halls, check out Browzer, where more information is held for residents.
  6. Engage with the Academic Skills Workbook for Stories

Team meet-up activity for Stories

Read our Introduction to Meet-ups for more information.

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