Community involvement in decision making: disclosure and access to information

Project details

Full project title: Community involvement in decision making: disclosure and access to information

Duration: September 2011-December 2012

Sponsor: Planning Support Unit Ltd

Project leader for SPE: Adam Sheppard

Other UWE Bristol researchers:

Project summary

This paper will explore public access to information, where barriers exist, and the implications of this upon the existing and future ability of communities to genuinely and effectively engage in pre application negotiations and discussions. The paper will also reflect upon approaches to information management by local authorities and the importance that communities are aware of their right to access information.

The evidence base for this work will be informed by recent and notable court decisions, including the ‘Lakota' case (Bristol City Council v Portland and Brunswick Squares Association), a decision relating to the Brent National Football Stadium, a brownfield development within a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a development proposal in Surrey.

The above cases provide an interesting backdrop to critical questions concerning the ability of community groups and individuals to engage and participate with the planning system and decision making processes. The Bill attempts to move the planning system further towards a collaborative approach between the local planning authority and associated local communities, but we ask the question does the current system in England for managing information allow for such an approach?

Key outputs

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