Affect and Place Meaning of Contested Urban Sites

Project details

Full project title - Affect and Place Meaning in Contested Urban Sites

Start date - August 2013

Finish date - July 2014

Funder - UWE Bristol (SPUR programme)

Project leader for SPE - Michael Buser

Research Partners/collaborators - Bearpit Improvement Group
David Hopkinson (digital artist)


This project develops a performative, post-phenomenological study of ‘place’. While similar methods are common in arts and humanities, they have not gained a foothold in social science or planning.

Drawing on innovations in cultural geography, feminist theory and the new materialism where humanist accounts have been criticised for overvaluing language and discourse (to the neglect of non-human forces), the investigation involves a reading of place experience where matter and meaning are mutually articulated and where the more-than-human is agential.

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Key outputs

Two papers are currently under review and will appear here shortly.

Digital output

Bearpit Collage: audio-visual account of experience and perception

Seminar series

As part of the SPUR work, we ran three sessions on methods in postphenomenology. The series brought together over 40 academics and artists to discuss creative approaches to studying place, space and social change.

For further information on the project, please contact Michael Buser (