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Expanding Research Excellence Springboards

The Prevention of Sexual Abuse Springboard, part of UWE Bristol’s Expanding Research Excellence scheme, currently pulls together existing areas of research strengths at UWE Bristol, drawing on our work with victims and those who have committed sexual abuse.

The Springboard investment has provided an opportunity for the team to take a more multi-disciplinary approach that is needed to address the complicated reality of sexual abuse. This approach will bring together academics to try to drive a much-needed and likely disruptive shift toward preventing sexual abuse, as well as responding to it.

Our work is currently focused around two research streams:

  • Helping communities to understand and engage with sexual abuse to assist “at risk” populations (primary prevention and secondary prevention)
  • Supporting recovery from sexual abuse in both victims and perpetrators (quaternary prevention)

Watch the videos to learn more about the research network and its activities.


The prevention of sexual abuse network - Professor Kieran McCartan

Professor Kieran McCartan discusses an overview of the network and why an EpiCrim approach is important when responding to and preventing sexual abuse.

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The prevention of sexual abuse network - Associate Professor Helen Bovill

Associate Professor Helen Bovill discusses stream 1:3 of the network: The training of frontline service providers, especially teachers and police, to understanding violence against women and girls.

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The prevention of sexual abuse network - Dr Jane Meyrick

Dr Jane Meyrick discusses Stream 1:2 of the network: Sexual health, sexual abuse and disclosures.

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The prevention of sexual abuse network - Dr Nick Addis

Dr Nick Addis discusses Stream 1:1 of the network: Research and practice on how to prevent and respond to sexual abuse on campus.

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The prevention of sexual abuse network - Dr Paul Gavin

Dr Paul Gavin discusses Stream 2:2 of the network: The use of desistance, restoration and restorative justice in regard to sexual abuse.

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The prevention of sexual abuse network - Dr Sarah Senker

Dr Sarah Senker discusses Stream 2:1 of the network: The importance of trauma and trauma-informed practice in working with men convicted of a sexual offence.

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