Membership of the Social Science Research Group is primarily drawn from the College of Health, Science and Society at UWE Bristol, although it does work with other UWE Bristol research centres, groups and departments.

The group consists of five distinct but inter-related research themes with group members co-habiting multiple themes. The five themes are shown below:

Crime, Risk and Society

The crime risk and society research theme aims to give voice to the experiences of victims, offenders and professionals within the Criminal Justice System (CJS) and critically engage, challenge and inform criminal justice policy and practice.

Global Security and Human Rights

The theme understands ‘Global Security and Human Rights’ in a wide sense, drawing on work on global security, human security, human development and human rights.

Identities, Subjectivities and Inequalities

The Identities, Subjectivities, and Inequalities research theme is a collective of researchers who focus on exploring the ways in which identities, subjectivities, and inequalities are produced.

Philosophical Approaches to Cultures and Environments

The Philosophical Approaches to Cultures and Environments research theme aims to understand the political, social, cultural, natural and built environment and our relationship to it.

Psycho-Social Studies and Therapeutic Practices

Psychosocial Studies study the way in which psychic experiences and social life are fundamentally entangled with each other.


We are interested to collaborate with academics and/or stakeholders on any project focus one or across multiple themes.

Please look through each of the different themes webpages above and contact us to discuss further.

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