Global Security and Human Rights research theme

Research theme within Social Science Research Group (SSRG).


The theme understands ‘Global Security and Human Rights’ in a wide sense, drawing on work on global security, human security, human development and human rights. Key cross-cutting dimensions are around gender, health, governance, security, human rights, exclusion, vulnerability and resilience, and migration.

While Global Security often has a focus on the state and other international agencies, Human Security takes the focus down to the personal and individual. The theme of Human Security, of course, takes us to Human Development and this again opens up the theme to a wide range of concerns and interests.

Finally there is the Human Rights dimension which also presents the opportunity to include a range of interests and expertise - Human Rights can again be understood inclusively, covering issues of rights, justice, inequality, social exclusion, for example.

Areas of research expertise

Members of the theme are undertaking research in a number of areas including:

  • European security and security in the wider Europe
  • Human trafficking
  • Freedom of international movement
  • Statelessness
  • The politics of recognition
  • International development in Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Human rights protection
  • Female genital mutilation and human rights
  • Labour mobility and health care

Current research projects

  • QR-funded project: Protecting human rights – Are constitutional safeguards sufficient?
  • QR-funded project : A scoping study of lifestyle change among recent EU migrants and the impact upon children’s health
  • QR-funded project: Care, respect and esteem: On the psychosocial foundations of human wellbeing.

Contact the theme leader

For further information about the theme, please contact Dr Suwita Hani Randhawa (

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