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Watch the videos that have been created from our public engagement events.

Repair, Reuse,      Re-Purpose, Up/Recycle - The Foundations of a Sustainable Future

A public webinar that considered the benefits and costs associated with repair, reuse, re-purposing and up/recycling.

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Sustainable transport: In and beyond the pandemic

The current and future impact of pandemic conditions on policy, practice, attitudes and usages of various modes of sustainable transport.

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Autism as a hidden disorder (part 2)

Part 2 of the 'Autism as a hidden disorder' forum which also explored the implications for parents and professionals.

Autism as a hidden disorder (part 1)

Held on 14 March 2019 and organised by Dr Lita Crociani-Windland and Aga Kowalska, this event offered a forum for autism issues that are relevant to parents and professionals working with children and young people.


Robots, Jobs and Universal Basic Income: A Public Debate

Philosophers, Nick Srnicek and Alex Williams, co-authors of 'Inventing the Future: Postcapitalism and a World Without Work', discuss these questions with a panel of roboticists, philosophers and politicians.

Atomised Mothers: A film about isolation, ‘austerity’ and the politics of parenthood

Through interviews and personal narration, Michal Nahman, an anthropologist and mother of two, foregrounds the crisis experienced by the Bristol Children’s Playhouse, and looks at the wider effects of cuts on child and family services.

Psychodynamics of climate change denial

Professor Paul Hoggett (Emeritus Professor of Social Policy at UWE Bristol; Chair of Climate Psychology Alliance; and a practicing psychoanalytic psychotherapist) looks at what some have called ‘denialism’, that is the hard core denial lobby who are supported by oil, coal and right wing think tanks.

The meaning of Europe

The Q&A session with the Ambassador from the Czech Republic, hosted by the Social Science in the City Philosophy About Town stream.


Exploring Hopes, Fears and Practices of Bio-sensing Technology

Presentation by Professor Richard Luxton and Dr Timothy Cox.

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Brilliant bugs battling cancer

Presentations by Professor Vyv Salisbury, Dr Gareth Robinson and Dr Elizabeth Anderson.

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