The Innovation, Operations Management and Supply (IOMS) Research Group is formed around the core disciplines of innovation, operations management and supply chain management.

Our expertise

We have particular expertise in the areas of:

  • service science
  • business models
  • value
  • lean process improvement
  • costing
  • procurement
  • complex networks
  • process modelling
  • innovation (with an emphasis on innovation in the digital economy).

We share a common interest in meeting the twin hurdle of academic rigour and industrial relevance. Our research uses the concepts and ideas from the academic disciplines of innovation, operations management and supply chain management to empirically test and validate constructs.

The team includes both research and teaching staff to ensure that ideas and constructs flow from our research into teaching, and enables students to engage in research projects where possible.

Our researchers are all active in their particular fields, producing leading journal publications, and working with organisations to ensure engagement with practice to deliver relevant and impactful research. 

Learn more about IOMS Research Group

In this short video, previous IOMS Research Group Leader, Dr Kyle Alves, provides an introduction to the Group members and their areas of interest and specialism.