Research projects in the Environmental Law and Sustainability Research Group

Below are the research projects conducted by members of the Environmental Law and Sustainability Research Group. The projects are listed under the Research Group's respective key research theme.

Biodiversity and nature protection law

Biodiversity litigation (2019-2022)

This project seeks to understand the relationship between international biodiversity law and biodiversity litigation.

Global assessment on biodiversity and ecosystem services (2016-2019)

This landmark report provides a comprehensive picture of the relationship between economic development pathways and their impacts on nature.

Biodiversity and nature protection law (2016-2017)

The purpose of this project is to provide a critical assessment of international biodiversity law in the face of the failed attempts to reduce the global trend in irreversible biodiversity loss and the need to increase efforts.

Environment and human rights

Environment rights in human rights courts

Explore a number of questions surrounding the growing environmental rights jurisprudence.

Public participation in environmental decision making

This project examines examples from developed and developing countries and shows the need for increased participation of non-state actors, joint management of shared natural resources and stronger obligations of government agencies to involve communities in natural resource decisions.

Environmental rights and the development of standards (2017-2019)

This research project on environmental rights systematically investigates the precise levels of protection that they represent and the way that those associations are becoming formalised.

Environmental justice and the global south

Environment human rights and the global south

Explore the demands of the growing environmental justice movement in the Global South.

International environmental law and the global south (2013-2015)

This project makes a unique contribution to international environmental law by emphasising the priorities and perspectives of the global South.

Coloniality and the global order

This research project sits at the intersection between public and private international law, and revolves around coloniality, post-capitalism, regulation of transnational corporations.

Transnational corporations, access to justice and the global south

This research stream focusses on environmental justice and access to remedies in the context of litigation against transnational companies for damage suffered in the Global South.

Forest conservation and the global south

This project argues for a more realistic and equitable approach to payment for ecosystem services in the Global South.

Environmental protection, security and armed conflict

Environmental protection, security and armed conflict

Exploring the restoration of peace may represent a greater challenge if the supporting physical environment has been seriously impaired.

Natural resources and international economic law

Natural resources law, investment and sustainability (2016-2017)

This project examines the relationship between the institutions that govern foreign investment, sustainable development and the rules and regulations that administer natural resources.

Economic instruments for resource governance and environmental protection

Establishing the link between the processes of globalisation, then institutions of international economic law and natural resource governance.

Sustainable development, resilience and the future

Land grabbing, sustainable development and human rights

This project explores the possibility of an integrated human rights and sustainable development approach as a holistic framework for assessing the impact of land grabbing and for the development of policy and regulatory responses.

Postcapitalism, commons thinking and environmental resilience (2018-2020)

Research under this umbrella covers tracing the roots of the current environmental crisis and questioning the models of development that have led to it.

Environmental Law and Sustainability Research Group

The Environmental Law and Sustainability Research Group provides a forum for research activity in the field of environmental, sustainability and natural resources law.

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