Development of a prototype nurse rescheduling system

The project is developing a prototype web-based system and interface to use in the field testing of the nurse shift rescheduling model of Clark and Walker (2011), in collaboration with nursing academics from UWE Bristol and the University of Huddersfield, leading to a bid to NIHR or other funders. The tests need to show the system will benefit patients via better rescheduling of nurse shifts.

The project will also revise the mathematical model in Clark and Walker (2011) to include more realistic detail and speed up the solution process of the model to quickly output good quality nurse schedules. Funded by EPSRC -supported heat@uwe programme (Grant Reference: EP/H000380/1), as part of heat@uwe: Bridging the gaps in Health, Environment and Technology Research.

This project takes forward a previous project 'Background Research for an NIHR bid on Nurse Rescheduling'.

Duration: January to July 2013

Value: £9,000

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