Aero-thermal characteristics of blade trailing-edge coolant jet wake stream interacting with mainstream hot gas flow

Funded by the Indonesia Government

The project aims to review modern turbine blade cooling techniques initially, and then focus on the most critical issue, ie trailing edge by studying the internal cooling channel with typical pin fins geometry and thermal load on blade structure. The research will extend to investigate the coolant jet wake interaction with external 'hot' gas flow.

To meet this target, following tasks are proposed: to carry out a comprehensive literature review on the turbine blade cooling techniques, including past history and current state of the art. To learn basic computational techniques (RANS/URANS) and software such as ANSYS suite; and to study internal cooling passage near the trailing edge with pin fins as obstacles.

Initially, to analyse a parallel channel with single pin, two pins in side-by-side and in-line, and three pins in a tandem arrangements; to identify a suitable trailing edge coolant jet flow configuration (for example, the cutback model) and set up the problem using RANS approach; to improve simulation by using advanced detached-eddy simulation approach.

Duration: 2010-2014

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