Interdisciplinary project team

The research will be delivered through an interdisciplinary approach involving a new and novel group of project partners that capitalises on the conceptual and methodological expertise of the team members.

Our project will integrate arts, humanities and social science research methods, with hydrological, meteorological, agricultural and ecological science knowledge, through multi-partner collaboration.

The project team weaves together different threads in the following ways:

Narrative enquiry

Drought science modelling

Drought impact domains, engaging stakeholders in decision-making

Specific team members will take responsibility for co-ordinating six domains across seven catchments:

Catchment leads

Each case-study catchment has a lead project team member:

The lead will manage the Local Advisory Group of local catchment stakeholders that will meet every six months.

Key bridge people

Key bridge people with significant experience in interdisciplinary/engagement working:

Summary Table - Affiliations of the project team (PDF)

Interdisciplinary team biographies

Find out more about each of the interdisciplinary team members via their biographies.

Drought Risk and You (DRY)

Developing an innovative drought science-narrative resource that can be used in decision-making for drought risk management.


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