Project outputs, catchments, data and open science

Project outputs

  • The decision-making support ‘utility’ incorporating science-narrative resources
  • Hydrological models for the seven case-study catchments
  • A social media web-platform to share project resources
  • A database of species responses/management options to mitigate drought/post-drought recovery at different scales
  • Management guidelines on coping with drought/water scarcity at different scales


Seven case-study catchments in England, Scotland and Wales have been selected for the project: 

  • River Fowey at Restormel
  • River Frome (Bristol) at Frenchay
  • River Pang at Pangbourne
  • Bevills Leam at Tebbits Bridge
  • Afon Ebbw at Rhiwderin (Wales)
  • River Don (Sheffield) at Hadfields Weir
  • River Eden at Kemback (Scotland)

The location of these catchments in the UK is shown on an interactive map.

Data and open science

The information collected will be shared within, and among stakeholder groups in the case-study catchments, and the wider public using social media. This information will be analysed, and integrated with drought science to develop an innovative web-based decision-making utility. Data will feedback into the drought modelling and future scenario building with a view to explore a variety of policy options.

The project will aim to be an 'open science initiative' - maintaining open, real-time access to research questions, data, results, methodologies, narratives, publications and other outputs via this website, and will be updated as the project progresses.

Drought Risk and You (DRY)

Developing an innovative drought science-narrative resource that can be used in decision-making for drought risk management.


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