Socio-psychological aspects in the dynamics of travellers' mode choice behaviour

Project details

Full project title: Socio-psychological aspects in the dynamics of travellers' mode choice behaviour

Sponsor: Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

Research student: Yos Sunitiyoso

Supervisory team: Dr Kiron Chatterjee and Dr Erel Avineri

Start date: October 2004

Finish date: December 2007

Project briefing sheet: Download the briefing sheet document (PDF)

Project summary

This research aimed to understand the role of social-psychological aspects, particularly social interaction, social learning and social influence, in travellers' decision making and behaviour. Furthermore, it also aimed to find out the possibility of utilising these aspects to influence travellers' behavioural change.

A literature survey was conducted to review what is known about the role of social-psychological aspects in decision making in travel behaviour and other spheres of behaviour.

New research then involved a questionnaire and laboratory experiments. The laboratory experiments were designed to explore the role of social learning and influence in repeated travel decisions in a group context.

Analyses of group and individual behaviours of travellers provided some indications of the existence of individual and social learning mechanisms in their decision making. It was also revealed that social interaction and social learning may have different effects on different groups of individuals.

Simulation models were developed based on the evidence from the laboratory experiments and utilising an agent-based approach. These were then used to simulate and analyse behaviours of travellers in larger environments, larger group sizes, longer time periods, and various situational settings.