Project details

Full project title: Brighton Old Town Traffic Evaluation

Sponsors: Brighton and Hove City Council

Project Manager: Dr Steve Melia

Researcher: Ian Shergold

Start date: June 2013

Finish date: November 2014

Project briefing sheet: Download the briefing sheet document (PDF)

Final project report: Download the report (PDF)

Project summary

This project aims to evaluate changes proposed by Brighton and Hove City Council to the road layout in Brighton's Old Town. The nature of any changes will be subject to a planning inquiry in the summer of 2013.

Brighton and Hove City Council are proposing to make the following changes to the street layout of Brighton's Old Town, involving some additional pedestrianisation and removing through traffic from the area during daytime hours.

The aims of this project are to assess:

  • the effect of the changes on pedestrian numbers and modal share
  • pedestrian perceptions, before and after the change
  • the effect on businesses in the Old Town, including deliveries and financial indicators
  • effects on traffic and movement in the Old Town and surrounding areas.

See project briefing sheet above for more details.