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CTS Symposium 2023 

The CTS Symposium was a day event which showcased new research and its impact. The event, opened by Professor Graham Parkhurst (Professor of Sustainable Mobility and Director of CTS), keynote by Professor John Parkin (Professor of Transport Engineering), included presentations, interactive workshops, and a post-conference drinks reception.

Talks fell under four themes: New transport technologies; active travel and social inclusion; dynamics of policy delivery; and developments in road investment strategy. Please click on the session links below to view the collated presentations.

Session 1A: The West of England e-scooter trial (PDF)


  • Professor Kiron Chatterjee, Professor of Travel Behaviour - E-scooters in the West: What we found out and what we still need to know.
  • Dr Tamara Bozovic, Research Fellow - E-scooters from the pedestrian perspective.
  • Dr Jonathan Flower, Senior Research Fellow - Interactions of e-scooters with other street users: findings from an observational study.

Session 1B: Dynamics of policy delivery (PDF)


  • Dr Daniela Paddeu, Associate Professor - Decarbonisation of last-mile deliveries in the UK: when the national strategy fails to meet local needs and expectations.
  • Professor Graham Parkhurst, Professor of Sustainable Mobility - The future of mobility may have arrived, but who is going to deliver it?
  • Dr Caroline Bartle, Senior Research Fellow - How can we use theories of social cooperation to inform policy-making in sustainable travel behaviour?

Session 2A: Road investment strategies (PDF)


  • Professor Glenn Lyons, Mott MacDonald Professor of Future Mobility - A critical look at road investment and spending at a critical time.
  • Professor John Parkin, Professor of Transport Engineering - Behind the headlines: the Welsh Road Review Panel’s future road planning and design recommendations.
  • Alex Bertram, Senior Consultant, AECOM - Planning transport infrastructure for their future? The role of young people in the Road Investment Strategy, 2015 to 2020.

Session 2B: Active travel and social inclusion (PDF)


  • Mel Cairns, PhD student - Nature and cycling experiences: a review of literature.
  • Dr Jonathan Flower, Research Fellow - Build it and they will come, but close it and what happens?
  • Dr Sarah Collings, Senior Research Fellow - From stories to statistics: why 16-24-year-olds need more recognition from research and policy.

View the conference programme (PDF)


Professor John Parkin

Keynote address

Symposium workshop

Improving the quality of walking environments

Transport planners: Are you ready to play a game?

Professor Glenn Lyons and Dr Daniela Paddeu

Let's get thinking

Dr Evangelia Pantelaki


Connecting over coffee

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