UWE Interprofessional Questionnaire

The UWE Interprofessional Questionnaire comprises a set of four validated scales. Its use in practice is usually enhanced by the inclusion of a front sheet designed to collect demographic data, which should be tailored to the needs of the specific study/project. Each scale has been separately validated, so can be used independently.

Terms of use

Individuals or institutions are free to use the UWE Interprofessional Questionnaire, either in its entirety or partially, that is, using individual scales in a stand-alone fashion. Their use must be acknowledged appropriately in any reports or publications. Please cite as Pollard et al (2004, 2005):

  • Pollard KC, Miers ME, Gilchrist M (2004) Collaborative learning for collaborative working? Initial findings from a longitudinal study of health and social care students. Health and Social Care in the Community 12(4) 346-358.
  • Pollard KC, Miers ME, Gilchrist M (2005) Second year scepticism: Pre-qualifying health and social care students' midpoint self-assessment, attitudes and perceptions concerning interprofessional learning and working.  Journal of Interprofessional Care 19(3) 251-268.

UWE Interprofessional Questionnaire

More information

The UWE Interprofessional Questionnaire has been widely translated into both European and other languages. Most notably, a German version (UWE-IP-D) was published in 2017 – see Mahler C et al (2017) Journal of Interprofessional Care 31 (1) 105-109.

Requests for permission to use the UWE-IP-D should be sent to Dr Katja Krug at Katja.Krug@med.uni-heidelberg.de.

For any other queries about the UWE Interprofessional Questionnaire, please contact the Centre for Health and Clinical Research.