Research themes within the Centre for Architecture and Built Environment Research (CABER)

The Centre for Architecture and Built Environment Research (CABER) harnesses the multidisciplinary expertise of an enthusiastic team to explore four inter-related themes, which are described below.

Digital design and construction

Harnessing the power and creativity of Building Information Modelling and digital technologies to develop innovative approaches and high quality evidence-based tools and techniques to support the design, construction and operation of the built environment.

Sustainable design, materials and building performance

Addressing the challenge of creating a more sustainable built environment in a changing climate as a virtuous circle of improvement, from design to materials and product development, occupation and back to design.

Place and society

Exploring new potentials and understanding of the interplay between place and society, through academic, action and design research. Involving communities, stakeholders, clients and users alongside architects, planners and other construction professionals.

Transforming real estate in a changing world

Meeting Real Estate sector challenges through climate risk management and adaptation, changing values, business models and legal frameworks in rapidly evolving environmental, commercial and digital contexts.

Centre for Architecture and Built Environment Research (CABER)

CABER develops innovative approaches, procedures, technologies and techniques that support the design, management, reconfiguration, maintenance and operation of buildings, their fabric and the environments they create.

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