Three reasons to visit UWE Bristol's Centre for Music

Media Relations Team, 06 December 2019

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By Sam Whitlock

If you've seen the Centre for Music (CFM) by the S-block on UWE's Frenchay Campus, you may have thought: surely that's for students doing a music degree?

But, actually, you couldn't be more wrong. The CFM is for everyone with an interest in music, of any variety. Here are three reasons to go and explore.

1. The CFM is a great place to relax and enjoy the music

Here's the best thing: the CFM has real sofas. I mean, have you tried sitting down at UWE recently? Sofas are in high demand. But the good times don't stop at soft-cushiony comfort. It has a lounge, a water cooler (okay, maybe that's not so uncommon) and pianos everywhere.

Fill the hallways with an album of your choice by throwing a record on the vinyl player. Soak in the sound of live music and laughter while admiring the graffiti art splashed across the walls. If nothing else, it makes for a brilliant change of scenery.

2. Non-musicians are welcome

Even if you have no musical experience whatsoever, we dare you to walk into the jazz room and not feel the rhythm.

The good news about the CFM is that you don't need to be an aspiring professional musician to get involved. You can book a room all to yourself and play one of the in-house instruments without any competence whatsoever, and you'll still feel amazing.

Or if you want to get a little better you can purchase some (insanely cheap) music tuition from the team of professionals. How does £10 for four piano lessons sound for starters?

3. The people are a blast

The CFM is home to the most down-to-earth people on… well, planet Earth. You don't need to live and breathe music theory to hold a conversation with them.

Whether you're into grime or grunge, hip hop or rock, obscure folk music or the poppiest pop, the staff just love to talk about music. That's why they run the CFM in the first place.

As an added bonus, they really care about students. They run the CFM as much for your wellbeing as anything else. So pop down there, kick back on a sofa, have a chat, play an instrument, or not. You're welcome either way.

Find out more at Centre for Music.

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