Statement on cancellation of exams in 2021

Following the announcements that English, Welsh and Scottish exams for 2021 will be awarded on the basis of Centre Assessed Grades (school or college assessment grades), we would like to reassure applicants to UWE Bristol that this decision will not affect your applications.

Exams cancelled in England and Wales:

  • A-levels
  • AS-levels
  • GCSEs.

Exams cancelled in Scotland:

  • Highers
  • Advanced Highers
  • National 5s. 

Grades will be treated in exactly the same was as those obtained following exams, so please don’t worry that you’ll be disadvantaged because you can’t sit exams.

We will keep you updated of any changes to government guidance which directly affects your application, please assume everything is ok unless we contact you. We’re also regularly updating our Coronavirus guidance.