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Julie Nicholson - Coordinating Chaplain

I have worked in parish ministry, hospital chaplaincy, theatre and broadcasting. I enjoy walking by the sea, people, stories and writing. I am available for pastoral and spiritual support for students and staff; including bereavement support and a friendly listening ear when life gets tough.

Tel: +44 (0)11732 84142

Julie Nicholson

Chaplaincy Administrator

Becky Dale – Chaplaincy Administrator

Tel:+44 (0)11732 86735

Associate Chaplains

Associate Chaplains are faith and spirituality volunteers who provide support to the Coordinating Chaplain, including leading prayer or worship. Each Associate Chaplain will have their own faith, belief or spirituality and areas of particular interest but are available to provide pastoral care to staff and students of all faiths and none. Associate Chaplains may be UWE Bristol staff members or external community partners.

Corrine Brown – Associate Chaplain (Methodist)

I am a Methodist Deacon and support the work of the Bristol Methodist Centre for the homeless and minister to two small churches in the city. I am here to support students of any faith or none and offer confidential space to talk about spiritual or personal concerns.

Tel: +44 (0)117 9551934

Corinne Brown

Jacqueline Conradie-Faul – Associate Chaplain (Anglican)

I am the International Students Chaplain at the University of Bristol and have been involved in Chaplaincy life at UWE Bristol since 2005. I place a high value on building relationships unconditionally and without prejudice and am happy to speak to students of any faith or belief.


Jacqueline Conradie Faul

Lynsey-Ruth Mansfield – Associate Chaplain (Anglican)

I can provide a listening ear and pastoral care to those of any religion or belief, and offer support for those new to the faith or exploring it for the first time. I have experience operating in interdenominational and interfaith contexts within both UWE Bristol and the charity sector.

Tel: +44 (0)11732 82152

Lynsey Ruth Mansfield

Rob Stewart – Associate Chaplain (Anglican)

I work part-time as a senior lecturer on the Glenside campus helping with Diagnostic Radiography BSc and the Foundation Program. I am an ordained minister in the Church of England, working mainly in rural parishes. My interests are primarily in well being and mental health awareness.

Tel: +44 (0)117 3288920

Rob Stewart

Faith Representatives

Faith Representatives are UWE Bristol staff members that provide Chaplaincy support on a voluntary basis. They are from a range of faith/belief backgrounds and advise the Coordinating Chaplain on related issues. Faith Representatives are able to provide spiritual and pastoral support and encouragement to students in a multi-faith and specific faith context.

Abdullahi Arabo
Faith Representative – Muslim
Tel: +44 (0)11732 87162

Ian Brooks
Faith Representative – Anglican
Tel: +44 (0)11732 87078

Lauren Davis
Faith Representative
Tel: +44 (0)11732 88261

Valerie Russell Emmott
Faith Representative – Jewish
Tel: +44 (0)11732 82624

Geoff Solomon-Sims
Faith Representative – Baptist
Tel: +44 (0)11732 87429

Mark Tomlinson
Faith Representative – Catholic
Tel: +44 (0)11732 87838