Class descriptions

Ab attack

A class exclusively targeting and strengthening the abdominal area of the body.

Barbell / dumbbell blitz

A high-energy class with weights and great music that strengthens your body from head to toe.


A high-energy workout session that focuses equally on strengthening exercises, aerobic exercises and endurance using floor work, free weights and other resistance equipment.


Give your body a complete workout with a mix of cardio and resistance stations. Depending on the weather, some classes may take place on the outdoor trim trail.

Group cycling

Group cycling is an indoor cycle workout. It is fun, low impact and performed to motivating music.

HIIT and abs

Combining stamina-building high-intensity interval training with abdominal exercises to build your core strength.


A great way to increase cardiovascular fitness levels. Exercises performed at a high intensity with limited rest times. It is a fun and effective way to help you improve and achieve your fitness goals.


This fun resistance-based workout is designed to burn calories fast, increasing strength and improving overall fitness.

Legs and Core

A class targeting those harder to tone areas using a mix of static and dynamic exercises.


Pilates exercises core muscles such as the abdominals and the lower back, and aims to improve posture and tone using stretching, lengthening and strengthening exercises.


A circuit style class delivered by the fitness team in the gym. A perfect opportunity to get to know the Synrgy Rig and give your workout an extra boost.


Yoga focuses on strength, flexibility and breathing to boost physical and mental wellbeing. The main components of yoga are postures (a series of movements designed to increase strength and flexibility) and breathing.

How to book

Our fitness classes are popular and we recommend pre-booking when booking opens, normally up to seven days in advance.

Ways to book

You'll need to be a UWE Bristol Sport gym or MOVE member to book online. Once you've joined, you'll need the email address you used to sign up and the four-digit PIN number that you were given during registration. If you've forgotten your PIN you can request a new one through the booking system.

Class prices

  • Active Card members: Free
  • Gym-only members/non-members: £7

You'll need to pay to secure your place when you book.

Cancelling your booking

You will be charged £3.50 if you cancel with fewer than four hour's notice or you fail to attend. If your place gets filled, you won't be charged.

Wexer virtual classes

As an Active Card member, you can run Wexer virtual classes on our Wexer digital player whenever the studio at the Centre for Sport is available. There are hundreds of exercise classes to choose from so you can try out Zumba or take your very own yoga session.

Simply select a class type, a level and a duration on the intuitive Wexer digital player, click play and work out.

Contact us to find out in advance when the studio is free.

Contact UWE Sport

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