UWE Orchestra

If you play an orchestral instrument at Grade 6 or above, you can join the UWE Orchestra.

About UWE Orchestra

The UWE Orchestra, conducted by Senior Lecturer in Classical and Jazz Music Enrichment, Steve Legge, plays a hugely varied repertoire. It benefits from visiting artists and great performance opportunities. We welcome players of all orchestral instruments at Grade 6 standard and above, with a strong sense of commitment to the rehearsal and concert diary.

Performances have included:

  • live music and film showing of the Wrong Trousers
  • Mini Planets workshop with the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra
  • performance at the Festival of Sound, Colston Hall
  • Bristol Cathedral and Clifton Cathedral concerts.
String player in an Orchestra

"...a great way of meeting other students and making friends. The pieces are challenging and the people are friendly so I would definitely encourage students at UWE to come along."

Charlotte, UWE Bristol studentĀ 

Charlotte UWE Bristol studentĀ 

Performance clips

The following clips were recorded during a performance at Bristol Cathedral.

Already a member?

If you are already a member of the Centre for Music, contact Steven Legge on +44 (0) 117 32 84652 or steven.legge@uwe.ac.uk to join the UWE Orchestra.





19:00 - 21:00.


2E027, E Block, Frenchay Campus.