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Date and time
Thu 23 May 2024
11:00 - 12:00
Online: Microsoft Teams
UWE Bristol Library Contact the Library
Booking required


This event has now passed.


This session aims to get you thinking about how to use generative AI at university and the ethical considerations.

We will look at one approach to using generative Al tools, which could be very useful in your studies. Although this approach can be adopted with any generative AI tool, we focus on some of the freely accessible ones during this session: ChatGPT 3.5, Copilot, Claude and Gemini.

To save time during the session, if you are attending, please engage with the Terms and Conditions of these tools before signing up to one or two of them if happy to do so. If you prefer not to sign up to these tools, you can still attend the session.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this session, you will feel more confident about:

  1. Using the Problem, AI, Interaction, Reflection (PAIR) model to evaluate AI use in your studies.
  2. Exploring free,  accessible AI tools and assessing their potential benefits and limitations in academic work.
  3. Considering the ethical implications of AI integration in learning.

How to attend

If you are interested in attending this online event, please register via InfoHub.

This workshop will take place online in Microsoft Teams – guidance on using Microsoft Teams is available. The workshop will have interactive elements and we recommend that if possible you use a laptop or PC. You may wish to use an additional mobile device or another tab in your browser for the interactive elements.

The room will be open from 10 minutes before the session start time.

The session materials are on the Study Skills site. Please click on the workshop title in the list.

  • Cost: Free
  • Attendance: Booking required


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