Benefits for employers


Work-based learning is at the core of the Professional Development Awards (PDA) and it is increasingly being used as a mode of study for employed people to gain higher education qualifications.

The Professional Development Awards programme can be used to develop a highly skilled workforce, which will help to keep your business ahead of the competition. We will work with your organisation to identify learning needs of your employees and shape a bespoke programme of learning to suit your business ambitions.

Benefits to your organisation:

  • develop skills within your workforce that meet the needs of the organisation
  • address skill shortages by re-skilling existing employees and meeting overall objectives of staff development
  • create a bespoke qualification addressing the specific needs of your organisation
  • encourage staff to engage with organisational change
  • reduce time spent learning away from the workplace
  • use appraisals/personal development plans to drive learning outcomes.
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No requirements are needed to undertake work-based learning. Your employees need to be willing to learn. We can provide support mechanisms for those without formal qualifications to learn about the rigours of gaining higher level skills.

Module prices

The cost of modules will vary according to the size and number of academic credits. See our fees page for further information.

Support from the University

An academic facilitator will be identified to work with the mentor and learner for work-based learning modules. A module leader is available for any taught module that the employee undertakes. There will be access to:

  • computer suites
  • the University's Virtual Learning Environment
  • extensive library resources (hard copies and e-learning objects)
  • large collection of online journals and books
  • academic facilitation
  • regular feedback
  • The Students' Union at UWE.

Accrediting your training

We can also work with you to accredit your in-house training programmes. Contact us to discuss workforce development needs:

How you can support your employees

As the manager, you are in a position to open doors to valuable learning opportunities in the workplace, such as networking across the organisation or shadowing key people.

Time away from the office

The time your employees need away from the workplace will depend on the type of resources the employee will access. For example, most of the work-based learning (WBL) modules will occur in every day work, where the employee takes on new tasks to reflect the higher-level skills.If the programme is mainly WBL, the employees will need to negotiate with you some time to undertake a literature search online or visit a local library. Some taught modules may be delivered in the workplace at agreed times or at the University. Others may be accessed online as distance learning material.

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