Employing graduate and student interns

About internships

UWE Bristol graduate and student interns offer your business a great deal, without the commitment of a new permanent employee.

You get subsidised student or graduate talent that’s committed and industry-ready, ready to meet to your individual business requirements.

Internships at a glance

  • Student internships are flexible placements outside of study – so your intern will be fully committed to your business.
  • Student interns are available over the summer break, mid-May to mid-September.
  • Graduate internships take place after study is finished, so offer more flexibility in duration and availability.
  • You’ll get help with specific business needs from a capable, enthusiastic intern with up-to-date skills and knowledge.
  • You run the recruitment process and we can advertise your opportunity.
  • The internships run for eight weeks (full-time) and 16 weeks (part-time).
  • We subsidise the cost of each intern (although funding is limited), though you’ll need to contribute to the overall cost.

Why do we help with funding?

UWE Bristol believes interns should earn a fair living wage. This is because we feel that internships are a valuable opportunity, and should be open to students from all backgrounds – not just the lucky ones with financial backing.

We are also keen to encourage a diverse spectrum of employers to participate, from large corporates to small and medium-sized businesses, so our students can gain relevant work experience in their chosen industry. For these reasons, we part-fund your intern’s salary, though you’ll also need to contribute.