Fitness to Study Policy principles

UWE Bristol is committed to supporting student wellbeing and has a variety of services to do so.

We recognise that there will be times when a student’s physical or mental health may mean that they pose a risk to themselves, to other students or to the activities of the University, and where risk management needs to be coordinated across the University. Those cases will be managed through the Fitness to Study Policy (PDF).

Principles of the Fitness to Study Policy

  • Decisions under the policy focus on risk to the health, safety and wellbeing of the student or other students, or to the activities of the University. Academic performance alone is not sufficient reason for consideration.
  • The policy will be used to coordinate relevant departments and services to manage risk.
  • Outcomes under the policy will be supportive of the student wherever possible but there may be rare occasions when a student is suspended or expelled under the policy.
  • Every effort will be made to manage cases in a way that is transparent, fair and collaborative.

When the policy applies

The policy is applicable:

  • when a student’s behaviour is causing concern about risks to themselves or others
  • where there are a number of worrisome third party reports regarding a student
  • when a student’s mental or physical health is leading to behaviour that is adversely affecting the activities of the University.

Find out more

The Fitness to Study Policy is managed by the Student Casework Team in Student and Academic Services. Referrals may be made via

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