About the Academic Board

The role of the Academic Board is to approve academic policies, oversee the academic standards and quality of the academic activity, authorise awards of the University and provide advice to the Vice-Chancellor on the strategic direction of UWE Bristol's academic activity.


Academic Board is the University’s senior academic authority and advises the Vice-Chancellor and the Board of Governors on the strategic direction of the University’s academic activities, academic risks and the overall effectiveness of services in support of the academic endeavour. Academic Board is responsible for providing assurance to the Board of Governors on the effectiveness of the University’s academic governance arrangements, the student experience, and setting and maintaining standards. 


Academic Board routinely conducts elections to populate its own membership and that of its committees. Elections will be announced through weekly e-news and other channels.

Terms of Reference

Subject to the requirements of validation and accrediting bodies, the Academic Board is responsible for:

  • conditions under which individuals may be admitted to the University
  • procedures for developing the content of the curriculum
  • arrangements for the management of academic standards and quality and the validation, monitoring and review of courses
  • reviewing and approving the University’s Academic Regulations to assure academic standards and that all students are treated consistently and equitably
  • the approval and closure of subject areas, and where required to ensure these are progressed in line with the Office for Students reportable event procedures
  • policies and procedures for assessment and examination of the academic performance of students
  • the appointment and removal of internal and external examiners
  • procedures for the award of qualifications and honorary academic titles
  • the University’s arrangements for collaborative provision
  • the approval of policies relating to: student representation; student complaints; and student discipline, including procedures for the expulsion of students, on behalf of the Board of Governors
  • supporting the Board of Governors in ensuring provision to support the general welfare of students
  • reviewing data on complaints, conduct and other appropriate policy-related data, ensuring that appropriate actions are taken
  • considering the development of the academic activities of the University and the resources needed to support them and for advising the Vice-Chancellor and the Board of Governors thereon
  • ensuring active consideration of equality, diversity and inclusion in the conduct of its business
  • advising on such other matters as the Board of Governors or the Vice-Chancellor may refer to the Academic Board
  • reviewing its own performance and the performance of any committees it creates to ensure academic governance arrangements are effective and enhance institutional performance
  • overseeing its Committees Terms of Reference.


Minimum number of members that must be present to constitute a valid meeting (Quorum): one third of members eligible to attend.

Frequency of meetings: five per year

For more information, please email academicgovernance@uwe.ac.uk.

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