Strategic Programmes Office

The Strategic Programmes Office supports the delivery of the University's 2030 Strategy. We work with staff to coordinate, resource and monitor delivery of the University's Strategic Portfolios: Purpose, People and Place.


The purpose of the Strategic Programmes Office is to provide services and resources which enable delivery of the Strategy 2030 through the University's Strategic Portfolios, their associated projects and process improvement activities.

What we do

  • Support the strategic planning process via the portfolio board in setting strategies, prioritising projects and programmes and overseeing their delivery.
  • Provide and manage resources including programme and project management, business analysis and project support.
  • Oversee the project and programme governance arrangements. This includes managing the reporting process so that the Directorate Leads, Strategic Programmes Boards and Portfolio Board can keep track of progress and monitor the benefits delivered of the programmes.
  • Support and manage the process of developing business cases.
  • Develop and maintain best practice standards in Portfolio, Programme and Project Management, Business Analysis and Change Management (in conjunction with the Human Resources, Internal Communications, IT Services, Facilities and other professional services).
  • Maintain the Project Management Framework and the University's guide to Managing Change.
  • Coordinate the University's Project Management Network.
  • Ensure as far as possible that projects are:
    • set up with the appropriate aims and objectives, have appropriate governance, proper plans and resources (including people, money and physical space) and measures of achievement.
    • to ensure that colleagues involved with projects are appropriately supported and engaged so that the outcomes have the best possible chance of making tangible improvements and sustainable.

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