Access to work request systems and information used by Estates and Facilities contractors, consultants and suppliers.

Asbestos information

The UWE Bristol Asbestos register is available to reference all known asbestos containing materials. Before starting any works, the Asbestos register must be reviewed and where required, a full survey commissioned. Where required, clearance certification must be issued prior to commencing works on site.

View our asbestos information:

Contractor induction

The contractor induction provides an introduction to the University, explores some hazards that may be faced on site and explains the key safety rules for working at UWE Bristol.

The induction consists of reading the Contractor Safety pack and watching three videos, followed by short questionnaires. It should take approximately 45 minutes in total. 

Asbestos awareness

If you don't have an asbestos awareness certificate dated within the last 12 months, please obtain one before coming to UWE Bristol. You will not be issued a Contractor Pass without a valid certificate.

There are certain contractors who won't require an asbestos awareness certificate due to the nature of their work on campus. In this case please contact your UWE Bristol representative or email for clarification.

CSCS cards/Safety Passport Scheme

  • Please email a valid Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) or industry affiliated card evidence (e.g. CPCS, CISRS, JIB etc) or for non-construction operatives, a valid Safety Passport Scheme card to

Please note that these details will be checked. Without this card evidence you will not be able to complete the induction and will not be able to attend. Operatives must also bring their cards with them and carry them at all times while at work on UWE Bristol sites.

Who has to undertake the Contractor Induction and why?

All contractors and consultants at UWE Bristol must carry a valid contractor pass. We will only issue passes to contractors with a reasonable level of safety awareness. Therefore, to obtain a new pass or renew an existing pass you must undertake the UWE Bristol Contractor Induction .

If you have emailed all the required documentation, completed the full induction process, and you pass the questionnaires, you will be notified when your Contractor Pass is ready to collect from the Security Office 1E020 on Frenchay Campus. The pass is valid for two years.

New pass applications

Please email a current colour photographs of passport size and quality in jpeg/jpg format to

Renewal pass applications

You will have to undertake the full Contractor Induction process as above. Please bring your existing Contractor Pass to the Security Office 1E020 on Frenchay Campus. If it has been lost, then a charge of £5 will be payable for a replacement card in the first instance.

Lost, damaged or stolen passes

  • Please contact UWE Bristol Security immediately for lost or stolen passes via email:
  • Please request a replacement pass for damaged passes via email:

For all lost, damaged or stolen passes, a charge of £5 will be payable in the first instance. You do not need to complete the full induction if you undertook it within the last two years.

View the Contractor Induction

UWE Bristol Design Specification

The Design Specification is for consultants, designers, contractors and University staff engaged on all University building/design works.

The Design Specification explains the principles, functional requirements and technical standards for our buildings and infrastructure which ultimately allow the University to deliver its core function: To educate and prepare students for life after their course.

All sections should be read in conjunction with the Introduction.

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