Programme support

If you have any queries or questions about the Physician Associate Studies programme or require placement related support, please contact a member of the programme support team.

Programme Contacts

Dr. Lara Menon

James Willis

Placement team

Timothy Porter

Lelia Barascu

Placement dates

Academic year 2022/23

Physician Associate placement dates for all cohorts are below.

Year 1 students (August 2022 intake):

  • Primary Care 1: 24 October to 28 October 2022 (1 week total).
  • Primary Care 2: 9 January to 3 February 2023 (4 weeks total).
  • Secondary Care 1: 24 April to 19 May 2023 (4 weeks total).
  • Primary Care 3: 5 May to 23 June 2023 (3 weeks total).
  • Primary Care 4: 3 July to 22 July 2023 (3 weeks total).

Year 2 students (August 2021 intake):

  • Secondary Care 1: 3 October to 16 December 2022 (11 weeks total).
  • Secondary Care 2: 13 February to 31 March 2023 (7 weeks total).
  • Primary Care 1: 24 April to 12 May 2023 (3 weeks total).
  • Secondary Care 3: 22 May to 28 July 2023 (10 weeks total).

Programme information

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Course dates

Physician Associate course dates (sorted by term) for all cohorts are below.

  • Term 1: 22 August to 16 December 2022.
  • Term 2: 2 January to 31 March 2023.
  • Term 3: 17 April to 28 July 2023.

Other important dates

Please note: on these dates students may be expected to attend events which take place on campus for their learning and development.

  • National PA Conference: Date TBC.
  • Regional Student Conference, arranged by south west physician associate network (SWPAN): Date TBC.
  • Assessment Dates (which potentially could be on days in placement): Assessment Dates 2022/23
  • Major incident – Table Top Exercise: Date TBC.
  • Major incident – simulation day: Date TBC.
  • Public inquiry – court simulation day: Date TBC.

ARC Placement Information

Student Learning Objectives

Whilst on placement, students will be expected to develop their knowledge and understanding of the medical and surgical specialties as outlined below. The minimum placement hours required to complete the placement is indicated in parenthesis.

Please follow the hyperlinks to find quick guide summaries of the specific placement requirements for each specialty:

Student Appearance

Whilst on placement students will be expected to adhere to the following guidance on appearance:

  • UWE student Physician Associate name badge and either UWE-branded or Faculty of Physician Associates (FPA) branded lanyard.
  • UWE branded ‘Caribbean blue’ scrubs. If these are unavailable, then students are permitted to wear trust/placement provider-approved scrubs, or smart professional attire (when working in primary care).
  • Comfortable, clean, work appropriate footwear.
  • Professional standards of personal hygiene are expected at all times.

Other important information

  • This will be updated as the academic year progresses.


Supervision and assessment