Staff in the Department of Computer Science and Creative Technologies have a broad range of skills and expertise. Find out about our research interests and expertise.

Staff by area

Department executives

  • Dr Kevin Golden, Acting Head of Department
  • Vacant, Deputy Head of Department
  • Vacant, CSCT secretary

Computer Science

Professor Larry Bull, Associate Head of Department and Professor, Research and Scholarship

Dr Lindsey Gillies, Associate Head of Department

Creative Technologies

Dr Natanya Ford, Associate Head of Department

·      Stephen Allan, Programme Leader and Senior Lecturer – Music Technology

·      Dr Zlatko Baracskai, Senior Lecturer – Music Technology

·      Dr Maxwell Davies, Senior Lecturer – Music Technology

·      Rod Dickinson, Senior Lecturer – Digital Media

·      Dr Simon Emberton, Senior Lecturer – Digital Media

·      Dr Liz Lane, Senior Lecturer – Music Technology: Composition and Performance

·      Dr Lindsey Macaulay-Lowe, Senior Lecturer – Digital Media

·      Mrs Bethany Mackey - Lecturer in Games Technology

·      Dr Tom Mitchell, Associate Professor

·      Dr Chris Nash, Senior Lecturer – Music Technology

·      Dr Alan O’Connell, Senior Lecturer in Audio Engineering

·      Dr Mic Palmer, Senior Lecturer – Digital Media and Games Technology

·      Philip Phelps, Senior Lecturer – Music Technology

·      Luke Reed, Senior Lecturer – Music Technology

·      Dr Tom Bashford-Rogers, Senior Lecturer – Games Technology

·      Lloyd Savickas, Senior Lecturer – Games Technology

·      Dr Simon Scarle, Senior Lecturer – Games Technology

·      Jack Ruskin – Senior Lecturer in Creative Technology

·      Richard Wakeling-Gentle, Lecturer – Games Technology

·      Richard Brown – Music & Multimedia Support Technician

·      Lukas Greiwe – Music & Multimedia Support Technician

·      Tom Garne – Application Support Technician

Data Science and Mathematics

Cyber Security and Business Computing

Ian Johnson, Associate Head of Department - Information Science

Delia Fairburn, Associate Head of Department – Student Experience

PhD Researchers


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